Orlagh Reid regularly shares her passion and expertise by contributing to national media publications, feature articles and podcasts in Ireland on a range of topics. She has collaborated with journalists from a range of publications such as The Sunday Business Post, The Irish Times, The Independent, The Irish Examiner, Woman’s Way Magazine, Stellar Magazine, Irish Farmers Journal, Irish Country Living and KFM Radio. Orlagh has written published articles for The Kildare Times,, and The IACP Journal.

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Let me share my passion and expertise with your creative journalistic perspective and together we can create engaging fresh content that readers will love.’

I love collaborations and contributing to engaging articles, media, online content and podcasts that your audience wants and needs to hear about. I am available to write pitches, feature articles for your publication and expert professional quotes.

Get in touch by email, or for a quick last-minute quote and journo request, contact me directly at 00353-866011596. If you want to read more, check out the latest articles about sex, intimacy, relationships and addiction recovery on my blog at


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