Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use

Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use In our technologically forward society, online pornography can be accessed anytime, anywhere, twenty-four/seven, and for some individuals, it can become a major problem. The combination of instantaneous availability, hyper stimulating visuals, and rapidly changing content is created with the user in mind. Constant accessibility allows curious and interested […]

The Purpose of Disclosure for Couples in Recovery


“Disclosure” is a term used to describe the process of communicating factual information and personal experience to a partner. A disclosure process is often part of the early sexual recovery phase or may come soon after the discovery of an infidelity, affair, or secretive sexual acting out. Clients who come to counselling for sexual addiction, […]

13 Recovery Self-help Tools For Overcoming Pornography Addiction


Recovery tools will help you manage and understand more about yourself and your recovery while keeping you focused on the path ahead. When you have developed a dependence and reliance on pornography, or any type of sexual material, along with a perpetual habit of sexual acting out, giving up porn for good is going to […]

365 Days in Recovery From Online Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction

How does it feel to be 365 days, one full year free from online pornography when you have been a habitual user for over 10 years? Recently one of my regular clients celebrated being 1 year in full recovery from his pornography addiction. He offered to share his experience in the hope that it will […]

The Four Types of Books You Can Read When Your Partner Starts Sexual Recovery


What types of books should I read now that my partner is in sexual recovery? Coming to terms with your partner’s sexual recovery process can take time as well as some personal work, but healing from the impact of sexual addiction and recovery can be made easier by learning and understanding more about addiction and […]

25 Signs You Might Have A Problem With Pornography

How much pornography is too much pornography? A commonly googled question and one my clients often ask early in therapy but there are no recommended healthy pornography viewing guidelines. It is better to consider what is healthy or unhealthy for you as an individual rather than focusing on duration or quantity of use. There are in-fact many […]