15 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Seeking Truth and Honesty in a Relationship


Your gut instinct and intuition are internal mechanisms that keep you safe in the world, protecting you from harm’s way. Every day this invisible inner knowing bestows subtle feelings and messages guiding us on our journey through life. We rely heavily on our primary five senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. However, gut […]

Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use

Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use In our technologically forward society, online pornography can be accessed anytime, anywhere, twenty-four/seven, and for some individuals, it can become a major problem. The combination of instantaneous availability, hyper stimulating visuals, and rapidly changing content is created with the user in mind. Constant accessibility allows curious and interested […]

The Purpose of Disclosure for Couples in Recovery


“Disclosure” is a term used to describe the process of communicating factual information and personal experience to a partner. A disclosure process is often part of the early sexual recovery phase or may come soon after the discovery of an infidelity, affair, or secretive sexual acting out. Clients who come to counselling for sexual addiction, […]

What is the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Approach


Gottman Method Couples Therapy is an evidence based therapeutic approach to couples therapy developed by Dr. John Gottman & Dr. Julie Gottman. Together they have been researching couples for over 30 years and have identified nine key principals of relationship success. Gottman method couples therapy is different to other relationship therapy approaches. There is strong emphasis […]

5 Great Couples Tools To Help Make Love Last

couple on laptop smiling

Has the energy gone from your relationship? Do you both need help getting closer to each other? Want to improve the romance and passion in your life? These super modern Gottman couples tools have been developed especially with you in mind. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a unique way of helping couples to improve their […]

Preparing For Your First Online Couples Therapy Session Together


Deciding to get the help of a relationship therapist face to face or online can feel like a big decision, one that sometimes takes a long time to make.  Good preparation for your first online couples therapy session could be the difference between a positive or negative experience of online therapy so take some time […]

Creating the Right Atmosphere for Your Online Couples Therapy Session


Opting to start couples therapy online with a relationship therapist is a positive step toward working together and working through any problems or challenges you may be facing. There are many benefits of online therapy, particularly for couples with busy schedules, hectic lifestyles, and childminding to consider. With so many relationship therapists working online currently, […]