Making Lists in Recovery to Calm a Busy Mind


Making a list is one of those super simple, organisational skills that helps get all those thoughts and to-do lists out of your mind and onto paper. Writing lists is super simple, helpful and mindful recovery tool. It is easy to lose track of those racing, fleeting thoughts that you tell yourself you must remember. […]

The Difference Between a Recovery Diary and a Recovery Journal

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When working with those that are new to the recovery and sobriety journey and discussing the simple recovery practices that help support their recovery from addictions and illness, I often get asked: what is the difference between a recovery diary and a recovery journal? To put it simply, a recovery diary helps you to plan […]

13 Recovery Self-help Tools For Overcoming Pornography Addiction


Recovery tools will help you manage and understand more about yourself and your recovery while keeping you focused on the path ahead. When you have developed a dependence and reliance on pornography, or any type of sexual material, along with a perpetual habit of sexual acting out, giving up porn for good is going to […]

Setting Short Term Goals for Recovery and Sobriety

Recovery is about a return to good health and in order to return to good health you may benefit from setting goals to help you get there. I talk to lots of clients early in their recovery about the importance of goal setting to help them achieve what they really want out of life, which […]

FORTIFY – The Online Platform and App for Overcoming Pornography

The FORTIFY program was developed by an American organisation called Fight The New Drug. Their goal was to create a movement which would help to educate young people about the negative impact that pornography can have on health, relationships, sex and society and to encourage people to make more conscious choices about pornography usage. The movement has gained […]

The Daily Recovery Ritual of Tracking Your Sobriety One Day at a Time

A strong recovery process requires daily routines and rituals, which is one of the reasons why tracking your sobriety, one day at a time is at the heart of a clear recovery plan. Why should I track my sobriety? It might seem like a small and overly simple daily exercise, but it holds more significance […]

The 10 Minute Daily Recovery Check-in in 6 Simple Steps

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Embracing the wonderful healthy habit of a daily recovery check-in will set you up nicely for the day ahead. This simple 10 minute mindful recovery exercise can be done no matter where you are – first thing before you get out of bed, while eating breakfast, out in the garden in the fresh air or […]

Addiction Recovery Self-help Support Groups in Ireland


Starting a recovery process begins with a desire to stop and by reaching out to others for support. This is often a family member or friend, GP, rehabilitation facility, addiction therapist or support group. A strong recovery plan in the early days will include a good support network, self-care and establishing sobriety. Support can come […]

25 Signs You Might Have A Problem With Pornography

How much pornography is too much pornography? A commonly googled question and one my clients often ask early in therapy but there are no recommended healthy pornography viewing guidelines. It is better to consider what is healthy or unhealthy for you as an individual rather than focusing on duration or quantity of use. There are in-fact many […]