The Purpose of Disclosure for Couples in Recovery


“Disclosure” is a term used to describe the process of communicating factual information and personal experience to a partner. A disclosure process is often part of the early sexual recovery phase or may come soon after the discovery of an infidelity, affair, or secretive sexual acting out. Clients who come to counselling for sexual addiction, […]

Healing From Betrayal & Infidelity – An e-book Resource For Partners & Spouses


Finding out your partner or spouse has betrayed you in some way is devastating and traumatic. Partners go through a process or stages of emotions such as shock, disbelief, anger, hurt, depression, questioning. Betrayal in relationships can take many forms, it is often confused with infidelity which is a form of betrayal. Other types are […]

The Four Types of Books You Can Read When Your Partner Starts Sexual Recovery


What types of books should I read now that my partner is in sexual recovery? Coming to terms with your partner’s sexual recovery process can take time as well as some personal work, but healing from the impact of sexual addiction and recovery can be made easier by learning and understanding more about addiction and […]