Preparing For Your First Online Couples Therapy Session Together


Deciding to get the help of a relationship therapist face to face or online can feel like a big decision, one that sometimes takes a long time to make.  Good preparation for your first online couples therapy session could be the difference between a positive or negative experience of online therapy so take some time […]

Creating the Right Atmosphere for Your Online Couples Therapy Session


Opting to start couples therapy online with a relationship therapist is a positive step toward working together and working through any problems or challenges you may be facing. There are many benefits of online therapy, particularly for couples with busy schedules, hectic lifestyles, and childminding to consider. With so many relationship therapists working online currently, […]

Online Therapy – 10 Ways To Prepare For Your Online Counselling Session

Online therapy has many advantages in today’s modern fast paced world where time is precious and accessibility is essential. It allows you to be able to talk to your chosen professional therapist in the comfort of your own home, workplace or while travelling abroad about anything that is on your mind. Online counselling is a […]