Your Guide to Addiction Recovery Self-help Support Groups in Ireland

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Getting help and support for dependence or addiction starts with reaching out to others for help and intervention. It is vital to begin to talk about what you are going through right now, and while this may feel difficult, it gets easier once you start.   A strong recovery plan in the first 90 days should […]

The Day One Recovery Series

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Welcome to the Day One recovery series, a recovery blog promoting addiction recovery and well-being. This series aims to help anyone seeking intervention for dependency and addiction to start recovery and take those important next steps to beat addiction, change their lives and improve well-being. Many healthcare professionals dedicate their careers to addiction and recovery […]

Simple Breathwork for Stress Relief & Two Techniques to Get You Started

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There’s a reason why someone telling you to “breathe” has become synonymous with the term “relax”. Mindful breathing, whether deep or shallow, can elicit various mental and physical responses, regardless of your starting state, and is a wonder for stress relief. The good news here is that you can promote relaxation in just a few […]

Everything You Need to Know About Starting Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapy for Vaginismus

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Vie Physio is Kildare’s first specialist pelvic and women’s health physiotherapy clinic. They are committed to providing exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. I invited Aoibhin McGreal and Caroline Gavin to talk to me about everything you need to know about attending your first pelvic physiotherapy appointment for vaginismus, dyspareunia and vulvar pain. […]

9 Health Professionals for a Holistic Integrative Approach to Resolving Vaginismus & Penetration Pain

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Vaginismus is a sexual pain disorder experienced by women, a sexual dysfunction categorised alongside dyspareunia under the heading of genito- pelvic pain/penetration disorder (GPPPD). Sufferers experience physiological symptoms in the muscles, nervous system and physical body and psychological and psychosexual symptoms in the psyche and mind. Women with vaginismus may experience an inability to tolerate […]

A ‘Trauma Recovery Playlist’ to Embrace or Escape the Stress Response

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Music is powerful, healing and, as we all know, mood-altering. When listened to gently and mindfully, you can use calming relaxation music to either embrace or escape the trauma and stress responses. It can also be used as a sensory input tool to self-soothe and self-regulate, reducing physiological and psychological flooding. I created a 1-hour […]

Keep Yourself Safe From Intimate Partner Abuse This Christmas – 24/7 Helplines

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The Christmas and New Year holiday break can be a stressful and challenging time for many. Particularly for partners and children living with the threat of intimate partner abuse, domestic violence and alcohol abuse. Prolonged time together, external pressures, finances, and the increased consumption of alcohol create a higher-risk environment for many people living with […]

Recovery Stories. How 100 Days of Journaling Helped Me Through Early Sexual Recovery

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Journaling is an effective addiction recovery tool when practised often in recovery, particularly in the first year of recovery.  The practice and discipline of journaling are both therapeutic and cathartic as the writer takes time out each day to journal thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, memories, reflections and aspirations. Essentially journaling is giving expression and acknowledgement […]

3 Ways Relaxation Helps You Manage Stress & How to Practice it

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The modern world’s pace of life can feel fast, relentless and tiresome. To be honest, for many quality relaxation time may feel highly desirable but low on the priority list. But, frequent relaxation plays a huge role in our overall health and ability to effectively manage stress, and it should be at the top of […]

5 Easy Ways You Can Use Food to Improve Your Mood

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Of course, we all know that eating healthy is great for your overall health, but did you know that you can also use food to help regulate your emotions and improve your moods? Whether you’re feeling ill, tired, depressed, or stressed, choosing the right foods can help you get back to feeling and performing your […]