4 Ways Staying Hydrated Keeps Your Mind and Body Healthy


We all know that drinking water is good for us, but many fail to realise just how much of our mental and physical health can be affected by our water intake… or lack thereof. For many of us, improving even one of these aspects of our health would make a huge difference, and when the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Dilator For Dilator Training


Dilator training is an effective integrative therapeutic treatment for vaginismus, vaginal pain or tightness, female penetration disorders and GPPPD. Sexual wellbeing products such as dilators, vaginal trainers, kegel trainers and pelvic floor trainers continue to improve with technology and innovation. Thankfully, the traditional dilator has also evolved into a product women can feel more comfortable […]

What we Really Talk About in Anger Management Counselling

anger management counselling

Anger management counselling helps individuals to understand, identify and express anger and all emotions in a healthy way. Our emotions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anger management counselling. Through the counselling process, together I work with clients to help them address and unravel related underlying stressors, past trauma, pain, attachment issues, […]

The Impact of Vaginismus on the Woman, Her Partner, and the Couple

impact of vaginismus

Vaginismus is a female sexual dysfunction and penetration disorder caused by the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles. This unconscious muscle reflex causes the vagina to tighten and prevent any form of penetration, examination, or sexual intercourse. These defensive muscular contractions in the vaginal wall can be psychologically triggered, usually in response to the anticipation […]

Embracing a Holistic and Integrative Path for Resolving Vaginismus


Vaginismus and GPPPD impacts women, her partner and the couple’s relationship in many different ways. Embracing a holistic and integrative path for resolving vaginismus with the support of an experienced therapist will give you the confidence to respect and accept your body as it is right now and move forward with a positive perspective.               […]

Reclaiming Your Sexuality After Sexual Abuse

Hazel Larkin is an expert in trauma, abuse and sexuality. She designed, and facilitates, retreats focused on helping women to reclaim their sexuality after sexual abuse throughout the year called ‘The Pink Orchid Retreat’ in Co. Clare, Ireland.  I’ve just been talking to a friend of mine – Tara* – who also has a history […]

Making Lists in Recovery to Calm a Busy Mind


Making a list is one of those super simple, organisational skills that helps get all those thoughts and to-do lists out of your mind and onto paper. Writing lists is super simple, helpful and mindful recovery tool. It is easy to lose track of those racing, fleeting thoughts that you tell yourself you must remember. […]

The Difference Between a Recovery Diary and a Recovery Journal

mental health

When working with those that are new to the recovery and sobriety journey and discussing the simple recovery practices that help support their recovery from addictions and illness, I often get asked: what is the difference between a recovery diary and a recovery journal? To put it simply, a recovery diary helps you to plan […]

Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use

Two Harmful Results of Hidden Pornography Use In our technologically forward society, online pornography can be accessed anytime, anywhere, twenty-four/seven, and for some individuals, it can become a major problem. The combination of instantaneous availability, hyper stimulating visuals, and rapidly changing content is created with the user in mind. Constant accessibility allows curious and interested […]